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Powerful Money Magic Oil
Powerful Money Magic Oil
Powerful Money Magic Oil
Powerful Money Magic Oil
Powerful Money Magic Oil
Powerful Money Magic Oil

Powerful Money Magic Oil

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Are you ready to receive abundance, wealth, money and prosperity? 

Powerful Money Magic Oil is made to attract riches. Handmade with powerful intentions and infused with alluring money drawing oils,herbs & dried botanicals. All bottles contain half of a $100 bill*.

They come in a glass bottle casing with a silver lid. 

Please note: Please keep out of reach of children & pets. 

Powerful Money Magic Oil is a very promising and potent oil for Abundance, Wealth, Money and Prosperity .

Here are some examples you can use this oil for:  Helps to find new job opportunities, raises, etc. as well as  business related transactions if you are a business owner or in real estate for closing deals. Also helps with Court case winnings, etc. You can also rub a small amount of oil on your wallet to attract more $$$,  You can also put a small amount on the bottom inside of your feet to bring money into your life wherever you go, Rub a small amount on your hands for Casino or Lottery plays. Anoint your green candles, the handles of your business store, the cash register, your other money in your wallet. You can also just put it on your altar or carry with your in your car, on your person for immediate unexpected situations.

Ingredients:  Bay Leaf, dried roses, citrine crystal chips, a secret vegan fragrance oil & A LOT of Powerful Money Intentions that cannot be revealed.

Apply with a q-tip. This item is 100%Vegan, Organic & Cruelty Free

It also comes with a small spell chant that you may use towards manifestation.

Handmade in the USA (therefore no two will be the same)

 All our oils are vegan and chemical free

*Important Disclaimer: $100 half bill is for customization visualization of this product only and is NOT a real US NOTE 

Additional Disclaimers: Wicked Sisters Cosmetics and it's sister company Haus of Witches are not responsible or liable for actions by purchaser and the intentions on these oils  they will put forth. Furthermore, it is not a guarantee that these oils will work with intentions that are not meant to be.

-BLESSED BE everyone!