Make Your Wish - Magic Tea Light Candle (set of 4) - by Haus Of Witches

Make Your Wish - Magic Tea Light Candle (set of 4) - by Haus Of Witches

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Magic Teal Light Candles are handmade with intentions and infused with alluring & calming essential oils, herbs,dried botanicals and sprinkled with glitter witch dust.

They come in a simple silver tea light casing. Therefore you will need to light these in a glass votive or ceramic plate.

Please note: Candles should never be left unattended. Please keep out of reach of children & pets. Candles should be lit in an open area of a home with no wind or obstructions above or next to anything that is considered flammable. 

The Make Your Wish Magical Tea Light Candle is a very promising and potent candle for anything in your life you want to attract. However it should only be lit for desired person, place or thing. You cannot use the same candle for different people, places or things you wish to bring forth to you. 

Again please be careful what your intentions are or wish.

This tealight candle comes dressed with dried roses & multi colored glitter & fragrance oil.

Handmade in the USA (therefore no two candles will be the same)

 All our candles are vegan and chemical free

*DIsclaimer: Wicked Sisters Cosmetics and it's sister company Haus of Witches are not responsible or liable for actions by purchaser and the intentions on these candles they will put forth. Furthermore, it is not a guarantee that these candles will work with intentions that are not meant to be.